pajama monday

i woke up particularly tired and particularly crabby this morning, so all i could talk myself into wearing was the business casual version of pajamas.  long live jobs in the software industry.

random men’s plaid oxford | gray jcrew sweater cardigan | black forever 21 leggings | blue ugg slippers | michael kors glass bracelet | silver, chocolate brown, and rose gold michael kors chronograph watch

and now a couple favorites from my preliminary perusal of grammy fashion!

florence welch in givenchy couture.  normally, i hate everything about what florence welch wears.  but this dress.  THIS DRESS.  i’m totally obsessed.  she looks like an insanely glamorous dinosaur, and I LOVE IT.  thank you florence welch for getting me to crack a smile amid my serious case of the grouchies.

allison williams in kaufmanfranco.  guys.  her dress is encrusted with black diamonds.  i die.  and she’s just so pretty.  AND she looks so happy to be there, which warms my cold, cold heart.  she might just be creeping her way onto my girl crush list…

somewhat related.  i finally caved and watched this “girls” that everyone is so in love with.  i watched the entire first season in twelve hours.  (get a life, right?!)  it’s crass, disturbing, and actually disgusting.  i’m reasonably sure i don’t even find the time i spend watching it enjoyable.  AND YET, I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIS NONSENSE.  wtf.  do people actually like this show?  or are most people like me in that they just can’t look away?



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