fancy pants and funny shoes

hi guys!  hope the week is treating you well thus far.  again, a thousand apologies for my e-flakiness as of late; work has barely left me with any time to breathe.  phew.

black turtleneck sweater by wilfred from aritzia | black and white ikat printed skinny jeans by bdg from urban outfitters | j75 men’s spiked red patent leather sneakers | random spiked necklace from stallion | marc by marc jacobs gunmetal chronograph watch | anthropologie woven blue bangle | forever 21 spiked bracelet | turquoise rhinestone bracelet from target | j crew neon yellow bangle | michael kors glass bracelet

miscellaneous musings:

these shoes STILL squeak like crazy.  and it’s driving me crazy.

david burke’s primehouse was a horrific experience last night.  they tried to pass off some chuck-esque cut of meat as their restaurant week filet mignon.  way to insult your diners, david burke.  absolutely would not recommend.

celebrity fashion has been boring the (fancy) pants off me lately, which explains my lack of red carpet-related content in the past couple weeks.  come on, celebs.  wow me!  disgust me!  just….something….me!



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2 Responses to fancy pants and funny shoes

  1. love this outfit, esp those pants!

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