jcrew hipster

hey guys.  happy hump day!  it’s up to a balmy “feels like 6 degrees” in my corner of the world, which sure beats the -12 of yesterday morning, so hooray!  as odd as this combination may sound (especially given my disdain for hipsters), i realized this morning that i was kind of dressed like a jcrew hipster.  oh well.  sue me.

plum jcrew silk ruffle neck blouse | black jcrew sweater cardigan | forever 21 leopard skinny jeans | pewter doc marten combat boots | michael kors rose gold chronograph watch | michael kors gold tone glass bracelet

speaking of disdain.  my brain is telling me that i should hate everything about this…

but i actually think hailee steinfeld looks adorable at the chanel haute couture show!  i’m not dying over the beret, but the rest of that more than makes up for it for me.  loubs+leather+neon+lego looking clutch+plaid?  it makes zero sense but still manages to be totally awesome.  what sayeth thee?  too much or more is more?



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