a quick rant. followed by a quick request.

so.  we’re going to a black tie gala in about three weeks, and i’ve been stressing about what i’m going to wear.  (cue the: “why can’t you just wear the dress you wore last year?!”)  boys.  sigh.

related.  we’ve been watching burn notice on netflix (it’s awesome, and there are about a billion episodes.  highly recommend) and just saw the episode where fiona and sam work security at the black tie party.

that.  THAT is the dress that i want to wear.  given that i love my legs and that i’m short, i normally opt for short dresses, but since it has the jolie leg-bearing slit, i think i can make an exception.  WHERE CAN I FIND THIS DRESS?  or something similar.  preferably on the internet because it’s entirely too cold in chicago to go shopping.



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