all that glitters.

hi guys!  hope you’re having a most fabulous wednesday.  it’s unseasonably warm here in chicago (52 degrees wtf), and i’m LOVING it.  speaking of loving it…the nordstrom anniversary sale.  i know, i know…it was almost six months ago, but my mom and i shopped the pre-sale via text message (me in the city and her in the burbs).  she frantically texted me about the stuff she wanted that was sold out in the burbs, and i sent her pictures of everything that i wanted (and then promptly forgot about).  flash forward to christmas where all of my sale longings were packaged under the tree.  imagine my glee!  anywho.  these pants.  nordstrom anniversary sale.  that’s how all of this fits together…as told by a kid with serious ADD.  wanna go ride bikes?

long sheer black blouse by wilfred from aritzia | j brand metallic rust coated skinny jeans | prada plum suede ruffle toed pumps | wishbone necklace from maggie’s market street | michael kors bone chronograph watch | michael kors glass gold tone bracelet | jcrew black stone bracelet

now onto my rant of the day.  first we had these on anne hathaway (who, just for the record, has started to bore me):

and now, on karolina kurkova, we have these:

i’m all for crazy shoes, but i just don’t get it.  discuss.




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5 Responses to all that glitters.

  1. Lubna says:

    First, I really like your outfit! And second, I find these shoes to be desperate in need of attention. Fail!


  2. Crocs Are Awful says:

    The AH shoe things are not my cup of tea at all. The KK ones I don’t mind so much, but that is from the front, I am reserving opinion until I see the back of them. As a rule I like the gladiator shoe look, but the ones Anne Hathaway is wearing? Not so much! They are just overkill!

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