whoops, forgot to give this one a title

greetings! hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of wine and laughter, and walked away with some serious loot. no complaints here; i’m feeling a bit “oooooof” after the last two weeks, but i had a fabulous time and have some new additions to my ever growing closet!


mint green burnout sweater: hinge | black twill skinnies: citizens of humanity | purple suede ronron pumps: christian louboutin | sand dollar necklace: old from nordstrom | gunmetal chronograph watch: marc by marc jacobs | spiked bracelet: forever 21 | blue and white woven bangle: anthropologie | teal ribbon bracelet with charm: anthropologie | gold tone glass bracelet: michael kors

my mom fed into my bracelet obsession, and now i have quite a few new ones to add to the rotation. thanks, mama! unrelated. it’s snowing, and i hate it. that is all.



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4 Responses to whoops, forgot to give this one a title

  1. I keep adding to my arm candy all the time and I love it! Btw we have matching spiked bracelets lol I love my spike bracelet, it gives my other bracelets and edge. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas


  2. the spike is definitely a staple on my wrist. i love that wrist swag can go from a $3 spiked bracelet from forever 21 to a $6,000 cartier juste un clou (which i lust for more than words can say) and can incorporate as many colors and materials as your wrist can handle!

  3. stylemoca says:

    Love your arm swag! so cute!!

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