an unwelcome guest

the weather’s been crazy lately here in chicago; last week it was 70 degrees, and today, old man winter seems to be in town for a visit.  i’m crazy about the weather.  i check the 10 day forecast at least twice a day, and i rely on the weather channel’s “feels like” temperature when getting dressed in the morning.  although when dressing for a night out, the weather doesn’t play a part in my apparel choice…  apparently my neuroses have neuroses.  if i had a therapist, i would ask said therapist to explore this personality quirk in further detail…alas, i do not have a therapist.  i’m getting distracted again.  anyways.  this morning “felt like” 21 degrees.  time to pull out the winter big guns.

colorblock wool turtleneck sweater: jcrew | front-zipper black skirt: urban outfitters | black tights: random | sheepskin cuff boots: ugg australia | black ceramic watch: michael kors | snakeskin bangle: target (four dollar find!) | black jewel bracelet: jcrew

be a lamb and excuse the incorrect date on my watch.  i just did my nails and don’t want to chip them on that pesky pin.  for now, i shall live a day in the past.  history allegedly repeats itself, so i suppose i’m really not missing that much anyways.




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4 Responses to an unwelcome guest

  1. waxflowers says:

    That Kor’s watch is divine! And it’s nice to know someone else checks the weather religiously like myself. 😉 ❤

  2. davie+erica says:

    So pretty! LOVE the accessories<3

    ox from NYC!


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