sergeant friday

happy friday!  i had an 8am meeting this morning, which for a non-morning person such as myself calls for the casual friday version of fatigues.  it’s not necessarily that i have a problem getting out of bed; i just have a serious problem leaving my abode by a specific time.  i tend to attend to tasks that i’m too lazy to attend to at night.  i blame the coffee.  anyways.  sergeant friday.

spiked military shirt: zara | jett skinny jeans: j brand | spiked pigalle pumps: christian louboutin | watch: marc by marc jacobs | talon cuff: anarchy street | yellow bangle: jcrew | turquoise rhinestone bracelet: target | other bracelets: forever 21

i LOVE these j brands, but they’re actually the tightest jeans in the world.  every time i put them on, i’m forced to march around nutcracker-style to stretch them out.  stallion just watches with a look that’s equal parts amusement and bemusement.  speaking of stallion, he was out of town last night, which meant that i was able to gorge on awful tv until my eyeballs metaphorically bled.  i finally caught up on teen mom 2; it is a delicious, delicious trainwreck.  i also finally watched liz and dick, well most of it at least…  don’t get me wrong, i looooove lifetime movies – the overacting, the overdramatic and unrealistic plotlines, all of it – but liz and dick was horrible.  i waited…and waited…and WAITED for it to get good, but i spent the entire hour and 37 minutes that i was awake bored out of my skull!  you really knocked it outta the park on this one, lohan.  bravo.

bottom line, teen mom 2 IS a trainwreck, and lifetime HIRED a trainwreck.



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