a particularly mind-numbingly boring day at work so i share with thee some thoughts:

one day while perusing the pin interest (that’s what my mom called it when she asked me, her technologically savvy daughter, to sign her up for it), i stumbled upon a reasonably reasonable looking cleanse…no grapefruit covered in cayenne pepper or any of that nonsense, so i decided to go balls to the wall on this bad boy.  today marks day one of my total body cleanse.  i’m allowed to eat fruit and only fruit.  bananas are strictly forboden though.  i’m doing quite well thus far; i look like a lunatic surrounded by cantaloupe, honeydew, water, and coconut water, but i’m in good spirits.  i’ll keep you posted.  onward ho!

i’ve been in need of new sunglasses for like ever now. total lack of coordination + absent-mindedness = countless pairs of broken and/or lost sunglasses. i’m hanging by a thread right now with a pair of fendi’s that barely survived a face-breaking trip over a curb several months ago. (dad: “were you overserved?” me: “if only…it was at 8am, and i walked into work all bloody”)  anyways. i’ve been lusting over these prada’s since first glance.

i’ve seen them on numerous sample sale sites lately, but they’re always not returnable and as is always the case with sunglasses, they might look totally craysauce on my face.  i’m in a pickle.


this.  in december.


love it.


how do we feel about isabel marant?  i LOVE her studded ankle boots.

but i have seriously mixed feelings on her hi-top wedge sneakers.

i LOATHED them for a long time, but i think they’re starting to grow on me.  so much so that i think i may want a pair of hi-tops.  christian louboutin makes them, and that man can do no wrong.

and now i just feel like a lost puppy.  thoughts on the sneaker trend?

well, i think that’s all i’ve got for now.  hopefully you’re having a more eventful monday than i am.  on the agenda for tonight, more fruit (ugh), a quick jaunt to the grocery store, some walking dead from last night, and (hopefully) finally attending to these mangy nails of mine.



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One Response to things.

  1. After being really torn about wedge sneaks, I bought a cheap pair to test drive. They’re blush pink. I’m kinda in love. I just wonder, am I going to look back on them and think: that’s as wrong as wearing a velour Juicy sweatsuit with high heels?

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