digressive digressions

just some thoughts.  in no particular and with no particular relation to one another.  call it free association.

i love my legs.  i come from a long line of large calved, skinny ankled women.  for this reason, i was maxi-anything averse until i stumbled upon a maxi dress with a side-slit and a semi-sheer skirt.  to my surprise, i loved it.  such a perfect summer dress.  throw on a pair of flip flops (usually the rainbows i’ve worn down to bare threads), a statement necklace and a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to gallivant.  however, chicago is cold.  i would go so far as to call it (pardon my french) MFing cold, which presents a serious footwear problem, so i gave up on maxi-anything for the winter months.  until last week.  i stumbled upon something earthshattering when i pulled my doc marten combat boots out from under the skirt of aforementioned maxi dress.  hold the phone.  maxi skirt…combat boots…i am a GENIUS.  a quick google inquiry confirms this.

i got my hair did last night, and my hair lady is also a GENIUS.  more to come on that.

i had to change my work computer password this morning.  i entered the old/incorrect one a total of eight times today, according to the post it tally i’ve been keeping.  i love post its.  i’ll probably play again tomorrow, although the results will be slightly skewed due to the short day, so i’ll have to normalize them in some way. hmm.

48 hours until stuffing.  i’m heading down south for turkey day, and i could not be more excited.  80 degrees and, per my dad, a stocked wine fridge.  i need to pack, and this stresses me out.  gah.

what’s the deal with rihanna’s 777 tour?  i for realsies don’t understand it.  or her for that matter, but that’s neither here nor there.

apparently jenelle evans is engaged.  to her boyfriend of two months.  with whom she has called things off once or even twice (who can really follow all that mumbojumbo on “the twitter”) already.  discuss.

the american music awards took place on sunday.  i have such a raging girl crush on carrie underwood.  she may not take too many red carpet risks, but holy criminey is she pretty.  i was delighted to see taytay mix things up with a short dress; she looks fantastic.  klum looks very klum, and carly rae jepsen needs a haircut.  and perhaps a new stylist, but this is a significant improvement from some of her other red carpet getups.

stacy keibler looks great, but i can’t help think that i’m a teensy bit too close to her nether-regions, which probably sounds pretty hypocritical coming from the likes of me.  i LOVE nicki minaj’s dress, even though julie bowen wore it a couple months ago.  and wtf bieber just…wtf.

what are your thoughts on 2012 ama fashion?



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