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half of what i love about going out on the weekends is getting all gussied up.  i LOVE to gussy.  i have fun dressing myself.  boyf makes fun of my fashion shows, claiming that i “prance around” while i get ready.  he secretly loves it though.  our friday night routine consists of him watching the league whilst drinking wine out of a coffee cup (he really likes to class up the joint) and yelling “do you see the time?!?! we have to leave!” and me rummaging through my closet, spinning around, and dancing to whatever nonsense i have coming out of pandora at that particular time.  we are most certainly a match made in heaven.  anywho.  after about an hour and a half of “prancing” on friday, i came up with what turned out to be one of my favorite getups as of late.  again, my apologies for the horrible selfies…someday i’ll come up with a better way to do this.

 leather and lace top: zara | feathered skirt: bcbg| claw cuff: anarchy street | fur clutch with skull brass knuckles: hautelook random (total mcqueen rip off but i still love it) | studded pumps: christian louboutin

some may call it too much (ahem: coco chanel), but i’m having a serious love affair with the combination of leather, lace, fur, feathers, and studs. (garish is my middle name).  so anyways, once i finished my prance-about, we were off to nacional 27 for dinner.  it was most definitely shimmy-worthy.  great atmosphere, great food, and the ceviche was to die for (which falls under “great food” but screw semantics because it deserves its own honorable mention).  post-dinner was a whirlwind tour of chicago with our friends…some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue.  make new friends but keep the old, eh?

needless to say, i wasn’t feeling so hot on saturday morning but had brunch plans with a college friend who just moved here from new york.  bloody marys, gossip, and general hilarity ensued.  it’s definitely not your typical “brunching in chicago” choice, but david burke’s primehouse rocks my brunch world.  it has a really interesting and delicious menu, with plenty of “unch” choices for breakfast haterz like myself.

well, that’s all i’ve got for now (read: i actually have some work to attend to).  i have a much needed hair appointment on the books for tonight, and hair lady has cooked up an awesome idea for her whiny, “i’m so bored of my hair” client (me).  color me excited.  pun intended.



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