p is for professional

i work for a software consulting firm (like i said before, i’m a big nerd), so office-wear around here spans from bearded developers in flannel to consultants in serious business casual, which works out swimmingly for those with an aversion to dressing (and acting) like an adult, like myself.  my daily attire usually consists of smoking slippers, mini skirts, combat boots, printed skinny jeans, and spiked bracelets.  my computer monitor has a mustache.  our holiday party includes a “which team can best decorate their section of the office” contest; my team turned our section into the booby trapped house from “home alone”.  bottom line, my job is pretty awesome.  behold (even more) casual friday.


leopard shirt: forever 21 | black tank: zara | studded belt | target circa like a thousand years ago | super flare jeans: seven for all mankind | boots: doc marten | watch: marc by marc jacobs | studded bracelets: forever 21 | claw cuff: anarchy street

i’m not quite sure how i feel about the “collared shirt unbuttoned with a belt” look, but i will forever be in love with the doc martens.  they match nothing, so they can be worn with anything.  they give a toughened up, rocker edge to an otherwise girly outfit (think feathered skirt) and are a serious tribute to the 90s.  long live nsync.  speaking of the doc martens…when i pulled them out of my closet this morning, they were sitting under a maxi dress, which sparked an idea that needs to be explored more thoroughly.  more on that later.

anywho.  nacional 27 is on the agenda for tonight.  i’m super excited because i’ve never been.  i’m not much of a salsa dancer (ex ballerina who has since grown another left foot…), but i’ve been known to give a good shimmy every now and then.  tonight, WE SHIMMY.



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