date night in a dangerous dress

as i mentioned before, i’ve got a serious penchant for dangerous looking clothes, so i obviously lusted over the 3.1 phillip lim design seen below.

imagine my delight when i stumbled upon a similar dress on a few weeks ago.  MINE.  being that i’m perpetually overdressed, i deemed last night’s date night the perfect opportunity to break in the goods.  pardon my horrible selfies.



Mara beaded sleeve dress – Anarchy Street
Oversize snakeskin clutch – Nordstrom (not sure of the brand)
Crystal embellished peep toe pumps – Giuseppe Zanotti

top it off with some silver ball studs and call it a suitable outfit.  in case you were wondering about hubbard inn, food was meh, service was beyond terrible, and it was loud as the dickens.  this was my second time there, and the first was great so maybe last night was just a fluke.  regardless, it’s been crossed off my list. onto bigger and better…



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2 Responses to date night in a dangerous dress

  1. 8millimiters says:

    OMG…I looove your blog, I can´t keep from visiting it at least once a day! I also have a fashion blog, I´ll leave the link here in case you want to have look and see how much you inspire me on my posts! Kisses

  2. Alexis says:

    Such an amazing dress! I’m in love with it!!

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