obsessive personality disorder.

let’s talk obsession.  not the fatal attraction “this girl terrifies me“ kind of obsession (charlie and the waitress, if you will) but instead the “omg im SO obsessed with leather EVERYTHING right now” kind of obsession, to which i seem to be quite prone.  i listen to songs on repeat…for hours.  i shop incessantly for leather.  i mentally analyze my current sql syntax puzzle at the gym.  and then dream about it.  (i might have failed to mention that my time M-F 8-5 is spent as a professional nerd).  i will nosh on the same sandwich for lunch for a month straight.  i think you get the picture.  i suffer from obsessive personality disorder.  so in order for you, my adoring followers (or follower, as the case very well may be), to get a better sense of who i am, i present to thee my lists of obsessions.

currently obsessed

spikes n studs.  on everything.  the more dangerous looking, the better.  the spiked louboutins i bought in vegas on a (somewhat cocktail-fueled) whim?  i die.

clean and clear morning burst skin brightening facial scrub.  just awesome.


ombre hair.  particularly sincerelyjules’ ombre hair.  photo cred: sincerely jules.

navy pier.   my boyfriend was skeptical at first but begrudgingly admitted our saturdayfunday was a delight.



leather peplum.  hello lover.

kendall and kylie jenner.  i hate myself for loving them too.

pomskies.  THAT FACE.

overaccessorizing.  specifically wrist parties.

printed skinny jeans.  i think black python rich and skinnys are my faves right now.


pomegranate green tea

upcloseandstylish on instagram.  (and instagram itself, who am i kidding)

EVERYTHING wedding related

forever obsessed

grossly overpriced shoes.  swoon.

coffee.  straight coffee.  none of that latte caramel mocha half-caf extra hot nonsense.

dumb and dumber

chicago.  i mean…how can you not.

diet coke

arrested development

cheese.  all kinds of cheese.

shopping during lunch

the weather.  not the current weather, weather in general.

being perpetually overdressed

that seems like a sufficiently sufficient list for now.  boyf and i are headed to hubbard inn tonight for some gastropublical goodness, which presents me with a fabulous opportunity to debut the dangerous-looking dress i recently bought (anarchystreet.com…i want EVERYTHING).  if i’m still digging this blogging thing tomorrow, perhaps i’ll fill you in on the evening.



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