initial ramblings and such

several weeks of tear-inducing boredom at work have led me to think “hey!  maybe i should start a blog!  …probably a terrible idea but i’m gonna do it anyways.”  that being said, i have no idea how often this will get updated, what exactly my update(s) will be about, if anyone cares what i have to say, or even what qualifies me to call myself a “blogger”.  i rarely use capital letters.  i have the attention span of a goldfish (feed me too much and i’ll explode) and insert asides (sometimes parenthetical, sometimes not) as the thought crosses my head.  (see what i did there?)  i’m a stickler for grammar but often type in fragments, so i’m also a hypocrite.  i might get bored of being a “blogger” within a week.  only time shall tell.

now that i have disclaimed all that there is to disclaim, i suppose i’ll tell you a little about myself, which might give you a looksie into what my posts may or may not be about.  i’m in my twenties, and i’m getting older by the day (but so are you, so i guess we have that in common.)  i live in chicago with my boyfriend and his dog.  i love this city but hate winter.  i wear fur.  sue me.  i’m addicted to shopping, and most of the time, i’m dressed like a bona fide crazy person.  i have a serious weakness for outrageously priced shoes.  louboutins.  i die.  i’m currently obsessed with spikes and feathers and leathers, oh my!  i am very often overaccessorized.  coco chanel allegedly once said that before a girl leaves the house, she should look in the mirror and remove one thing.  i believe the opposite.  more is more.  hence, GARISH IS MY MIDDLE NAME.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that everything comes full circle.



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