i’m getting maaaaarried!

hey guys!

long time, no post!  i’ve been a biiiiit busy the past few months because…drumroll…i’m getting maaaaarried!  that being said, i’m going to move my blogging focus from ridiculous fashion to wedding planning for the foreseeable future.  i’d love it if you’d follow me and my bridal adventures (ahem mishaps) at chicago bridezilla!




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programming note.

hi guys!  so sorry for my extended and unexcused absence.  we had a bit of an org shift at work, and every day since then has been a “holy eff it’s 4 oclock and i haven’t eaten since breakfast” kinda day.

fingers crossed that i can get back to posting regularly soon, but until then, in honor of bieber’s birthday, i leave you with this gem.

19 is a little old to still be in diapers.



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domo arigato, commander roboto

camo and robot pants.  happy wednesday indeed.

bycorpus camo surplus jacket from urban outfitters | black zara tank | forever 21 metallic skinny jeans | forever 21 gunmetal chain necklace | gunmetal marc by marc jacobs chronograph watch | forever 21 black pyramid bracelet | forever 21 silver spike bracelet | jcrew neon yellow bangle | michael kors glass bracelet | prada eggplant suede pumps

guys!  it looks like the spring breakers have kiiiind of redeemed themselves!

vanessa hudgens in naeem khan.  the print/beading/whatever of the dress is stunning, but the cut seems a teensy bit odd on top.  also.  i obviously love me some loubs, but i can’t say i’m loving them with this dress.  overall, a vaaaaaast improvement from paris.

ashley benson in UNKNOWN!  (help please?  the google is not all-knowing!)  this is just gorgeous.  end of story.  except for what appears to be a tan line on her right shoulder.  i’ll pretend that i didn’t just notice that, and that it isn’t going to haunt me in my dreams.

selena gomez in atelier versace.  i don’t hate this, but i think selena is way too young and way too cute for menswear.  also, something about the fit of both pieces bothers me.  BUT.


a huge step in the right direction, starlets!



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hooray for striped pants!


hinge animal print burnout sweater | forever 21 black cami | forever 21 striped skinny jeans | christian louboutin purple suede ronron pumps | michael kors watch | blue woven anthropologie bangle | j crew neon yellow bangle | forever 21 spiked bracelet | anthropologie green ribbon bracelet with charm | teal target rhinestone bracelet | michael kors glass bracelet | forever 21 spiked necklace

by now, you may have noticed my fondness for tween-becoming-twenties starlets, so i had really high hopes for the spring breakers press tour…selena, vanessa, ashley, oh my!  red carpet number paris.

vanessa hudgens in rafael cennamo.  i don’t hate this necessarily.  i just find it very…fussy…maybe?  the dress and the hair just scream omgPROM! to me.  and the shoes are entirely too clunky for such a dress, but those are the least of my worries.

selena gomez in gucci.  i’m trying so so hard to love this.  and i really should love this.  it’s short.  it’s sparkly.  it’s nutballs.  it’s selena gomez, and she’s too cute for words!  it’s…incredibly cheap looking.  i’m sorry.  i can’t.  don’t hate me.

ashley benson in amit gt.  LOOK GUYS!  I HAVE BOOBS!

that is all.  maybe i’m just crabby.  i dunno.



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hey guys!  hope you all had a grrrreat weekend!  i attended my first boxing match on friday night, which, outside of witnessing a shoulder dislocation (ick), was AWESOME.  saturday was lounge-tastic, and then yesterday we watched some college hockey at soldier field, which was also pretty awesome.  today is the first day in a looong time that work has left me with time to breathe…but…i have nothing else to say!  aaaaaagh.

marled sweater by ecote from urban outfitters | diesel ruched skirt | forever 21 leggings | frye leather boots | michael kors watch | michael kors glass bracelet | wishbone necklace from maggie’s market street






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Fight night.




Black blouse from aritzia | black cami from forever 21 | leather shorts by Wilfred from aritzia | random black tights | black wedge sneaks by report

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chloe moretz

i’m slowly but surely becoming obsessed with chloe moretz.  LOOK HOW ADORABLE SHE IS IN STELLA MCCARTNEY HERE!

many of stella mccartney’s creations leave me with a feeling of uneasiness and confusion.  “what is…why is…where…UGH I JUST DON’T GET IT”.  like this.

this is just odd.  not necessarily bad.  definitely not the worst thing i’ve ever seen or even the worst thing i’ve seen lately.  it’s just WEIRD.  it’s like a semi ill-fitting short suit thing created out of the wallpaper in my powder room.  or something.  i don’t know.  i give up.  you win again, stella.



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hey guys! happy valentine’s day! or as i prefer to call it, vd. i’m not a hater of the holiday; i just think it’s kinda stupid. whatevs. i’m reasonably sure valentine’s day doesn’t really care what i think of it.

anywhoozle. sorry i’ve been mia the past couple days; i had to take a quick work-related jaunt out to south cackalacky.

back tomorrow!


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pajama monday

i woke up particularly tired and particularly crabby this morning, so all i could talk myself into wearing was the business casual version of pajamas.  long live jobs in the software industry.

random men’s plaid oxford | gray jcrew sweater cardigan | black forever 21 leggings | blue ugg slippers | michael kors glass bracelet | silver, chocolate brown, and rose gold michael kors chronograph watch

and now a couple favorites from my preliminary perusal of grammy fashion!

florence welch in givenchy couture.  normally, i hate everything about what florence welch wears.  but this dress.  THIS DRESS.  i’m totally obsessed.  she looks like an insanely glamorous dinosaur, and I LOVE IT.  thank you florence welch for getting me to crack a smile amid my serious case of the grouchies.

allison williams in kaufmanfranco.  guys.  her dress is encrusted with black diamonds.  i die.  and she’s just so pretty.  AND she looks so happy to be there, which warms my cold, cold heart.  she might just be creeping her way onto my girl crush list…

somewhat related.  i finally caved and watched this “girls” that everyone is so in love with.  i watched the entire first season in twelve hours.  (get a life, right?!)  it’s crass, disturbing, and actually disgusting.  i’m reasonably sure i don’t even find the time i spend watching it enjoyable.  AND YET, I CAN’T STOP WATCHING THIS NONSENSE.  wtf.  do people actually like this show?  or are most people like me in that they just can’t look away?



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Sunday brunch on top of the world





Forever 21 maxi skirt | silver sequin sweater by aqua from bloomingdales | Zara spike and rhinestone leather collar | report black wedge sneakers

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